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09 - 05 - 2017

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Atlanta-based rap duo, EARTHGANG, pack a punch and deliver with their newly released EP, Rags. In five songs, Rags tells a story of youth in revolt, fighting for love, and not giving a damn, and it’s all done with Busta Rhymes style flow, Lil Wayne vocal bass, and the originality of Flatbush Zombies.

I really got quite a few different vibes from these guys, yet ultimately their style is all their own. They bring their own original flavor and Atlanta style. Additionally, the songs on this EP flow together seamlessly, like a well-created rap. The EP really does have its own flow. However, there is a real diversity between the tracks, and EARTHGANG shows their virtuosity and ingenuity. For example, House, featuring Mick Jenkins, is a chilled out track, something you can lay back to and just relax and vibe. The whole EP does have a chilled vibe, but you get that punch of Busta-style speedy raps in Red Light.

EARTHGANG is composed of Doctur Dot and Johnny Venus. The two are officially signed with J. Cole’s imprint. The Rags EP has big features on it as well, such as the aforementioned Mick Jenkins, J.I.D, and Childish Major. In an interview with HipHopDX, the duo said of their EP “We involved all the people who have been rocking with us since our beginning days. From Hollywood JB to Childish Major to Elite, we have been able to create the sound with people who are hungry like us. We linked up with D.C. Young Fly, who is also from the west side of Atlanta, to narrate the EP. Showing love to our roots and the people stray grinding is what this project is all about. It’s the story of the beginning of a journey; recognizing humanity’s pure potential and endless possibilities in the some of our most trying times.” They couldn’t have put it better: that’s exactly what the EP sounds like. It’s definitely something I’m going to be bumping in the coming weeks.


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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all