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02 - 12 - 2018

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Alicia Grace’s latest track, Rain, produced by Stevey Reid, is a soulful exploration of the self. Grace opens Rain with ambient sound, creating space through undulating sound waves.

It’s as if she’s putting her hand below still water and gently creating ripples. In this way, she is able to establish a base for the lyrical journey. Grace describes her style as alternative R&B with a unique twist. It’s an apt description. In Rain, she uses electronic bass characteristic of the R&B songs of the moment. However, she also uses rising tones at the end of her lyrics, producing a forward moving effect. Grace sounds like she’s reaching for something, moving towards an achievement. At the same time, Grace’s powerful voice is the real highlight of this track. Her sound is passionate yet sweet at the same time, with a slight airiness throughout.

Grace produces an uplifting message through her lyrics as well. She speaks of rebirth and renewal that comes through a reinvention of the self. She sings “When the rain falls, it has the capacity to wash away all our past mistakes”, and continues “And I’m trying, trying to find it, it’s hard to define it, easy to deny it”. Grace establishes herself as a poetic lyricist.

19-year-old Grace is an alternative R&B singer-songwriter born and raised in Winchester, United Kingdom. In 2015, Alicia moved to London to study music at BIMM London where she completed a vocal diploma and a creative degree. It was also at the university where she met her producer and pianist Stevey Reid. Together they have created a unique and meaningful track. I’m excited to see their future productions as they explore the genre of alternative R&B and establish their own unique style.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all