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08 - 20 - 2016

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Atlanta soul Raury is back again with another single “Like A Star”. The song features a colaborration with Donnie Trumpet behind production, echoing Corrine Baily Rae samples from her single titled “Like A Star”, but with a swooning twist.

So far, Raury has created a distinctive sound and place for himself. His style can range from alternative R&B, with lyrical undertones dancing on great production. Raury has been making noise from Atlanta since the debut of his album, and it doesn’t seem like he’s ever going to stop.

Producer Donnie Trumpet is known for his work with fellow friend and artist Chance The Rapper. Both teamed up on the “Surf” album that was released last summer. Donnie also did some help on the production on the mixtape of the summer “Coloring Book”. It’s no surprise that Raury was also apart of that, also.

imageAs the song starts, you enter a world of soothing bass and melodies of soft piano keys. The first part of this love piece has Raury in harmony with the blue music. He expels that his is chasing a girl, hoping that she will then come to her senses and be with him, as he wants. For an even better take on the theme, Raury then showcases his lyricism during the second half.

The link between Rae and Raury’s version of “Like A Star” are somewhat alike. Before the passing of her husband, Rae composed the song entirely about him and what she goes through to symbolize that the only love she has is for him. Raury on the other hand, is saying the same thing, however he hopes that the girl he wants is willing to stay with him instead of moving on.

Like a star, we know things are looking bright for Raury. Check out his new single below.

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