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03 - 09 - 2017

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Ravyn Lenae, A Star in Her Own Right

Who is this RnB firecracker burning down the comfort zone? Only 18 years of age, Ravyn Lenae is making a huge dent in the music industry with her daring ways. She represents a refreshing artistic style, elegance, and inventive music. Born and raised in Chicago, the musician witnessed life’s roughest patches and most beautiful treasures. As a result, she has channeled all of her surreal experiences into the art of music.

Ravyn Lenae has crafted her own musical identity. She is a unique artist with the ability to mix RnB, electronic, soul, and hip-hop in a way that allows her vocals to soar and her lyrics to strike. Her first single “Greetings” was released in early 2015. This was the beginning of Ravyn Lenae’s musical adventure. However, her adventure quickly became a life journey when Chicago raved over her single and immediately became her number one fan. The RnB star has now released her latest EP “Midnight Moonlight” and will be sharing this beautiful work live in 2017!

“Midnight Moonlight”

Ravyn Lenae teamed up with producer Monte Booker and created a genius EP. “Midnight Moonlight” captivates listeners within the first few seconds of the release due to its unique characteristics. It is a powerful, invigorating, and poetical masterpiece. This EP has solidified Ravyn Lenae’s passion for music and love for her fans, as well.

This project is short and precise with six tracks that deliver unimaginable beats and irresistible lyrics that will add passion to your day. Ravyn Lenae takes a risky direction with “Midnight Moonlight” and completely masters it! The talented dream-maker mixes Monte’s aggressive productions with a voice of elegance and grace. Hence, this technique has made “Midnight Moonlight” unlike any other EP in the industry.

“Midnight Moonlight” delivers dynamic music beginning to end. However, “Spice” has been the EP’s top hit with its crazy guitar instrumentals by Brian Sanborn and its Samba vibe throughout the beat. This track spills confidence from every bar. Ravyn Lenae has, without a doubt, released one of 2017’s  most demanding EP’s. She will continue digging deeper into her soul to unleash her full potential as an artist.

Treat yourself to Ravyn Lenae and “Midnight Moonlight” on Spotify and SoundCloud now!

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all