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04 - 24 - 2017

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British artist Rebecca Raw debuts with her new EP “Deep Within”. The artist fosters a unique blend of pop, electric and soul in her music, making it one of a kind.


Growing up, Raw was heavily influenced by music. At a young age, she played the cello, and later on the clarinet. Not too long after that, our singer discovered her passion for singing, putting her vocals to the test. Since then, Rebecca serves as a songwriter for the majority of her work. With music as her passion, Rebecca wishes to carry on the rest of her career blessing the world with what she has to offer.

“Deep Within” is five track EP, hosting sweet melodies with a modern twist on classical music. To start off the EP, “Connection” takes us on a guitar escapade, led by Rebeccas´s soothing vocals. She notes that the song is “an intensely personal exploration of a widely-shared experience: the desire for deeper, more dependable relationships in a time when many are shallow and fleeting.”Dust and Ashes” start with ‘scats’ that gives a taste of the singer’s soul side. Take a look at how she blends pop and soul together. You´ll find yourself playing the track over again.

Rebecca is already heading on the right track. With as much passion that she festers, it´ll be a matter of time before everyone around the world recognizes her voice. Her lyrics throughout this project hosts empathy, creating something that anyone can relate to. After developing the skill of songwriting, Rebecca excels at telling story’s through lyrics that´ll grab your attention. Without a doubt, this is a beautiful project to lend your ear to.  If you want to hear more from the EP, be sure to head over to iTunes.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all