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11 - 02 - 2016

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Rising star Reva Devito releases the visual for her track “Deeper”. Reva joined forces with Tiki to help produce, direct, and write this unique and intimate production. The visual has a unique aesthetic. The camera shots, angles, and objects all create an interesting point of view for the viewers to experience.

“Deeper” is all about the effects of love and what it has on other people. At the start of the video, we see a man riding in the back of a drop top Cadillac with 4 beautiful ladies. He looks like something is bothering him or something is on his mind. In reality, he doesn’t feel like himself because he is missing him ex girlfriend. Throughout the video, we see the life of a man after a breakup.

We only get to see our character’s face as he enjoys intimate moments with his ex girlfriend. You also see that after the break up, he has picked up bad habits like excessive drinking, smoking, and partying with women throwing themselves at him.

img_6361Love is something we all are either excited for or scared of. Reva showed us what it’s like to fall in love, and how hard it is to fall out of it. Reva says that she’ll always remember the love they once had. As the visual and the lyrics collide, we can guess that while they were together, our character had stopped loving his girlfriend at the time. She later ends up leaving him, which is when he realizes its hard to live without her.

After watching the video once, you find yourself wanting to watch it over again. You might even be able to relate on either sides of the characters point of view.

Reva is quenching in creativity and passion for what she does. She has her The Move EP out, which features production from Haitian DJ Kaytranada and other rich songs to groove. Keep up with the latest from Reva on Twitter and Instagram . Don’t forget to grasp your eyes on “Deeper”.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all