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02 - 01 - 2017

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Alongside music, Atlanta is home for many of things. Theater and film are among other rising skills in this city of opportunity. For Alonge Hawes, this is only the beginning. Alonge Hawes and a team of directors and producers linked up for the making of the web series “Blue Collar Hustle”. Hawes announced that the series is closing on production and is ready to be showcased.

Setting in Stone Mountain, GA, “Blue Collar Hustle” focuses on the lives of four aspiring men trying to maintain success and their dreams. These men find music to be their hidden drive, but they must also accommodate their position at work. Living in Atlanta, it further motivates them to be involved with their talent.


“Blue Collar Hustle” was created by Alonge Hawes, who also serves as the executive producer, writer, and character Ajani Garvey. After releasing the announcement of the series, Hawes also put out a teaser of what to expect from the series. In the pilot episode “Where I Belong”, Garvey has recently been appointed to head manager of a tech company. While staying high in his position, Garvey must also tend to his newborn daughter and actress-inspired girlfriend. During this episode, Garvey is on the hunt to appoint employees into higher positions. Along the way, he offers words of wisdom to his employees encouraging them to aim higher than what they limit themselves. Later on, we learn that Garvey has a passion for rhymes and is deeply inspired by Nas and other influential artists.


“Blue Collar Hustle” is not only breaking through careers for acting but also up and coming artists. Quentin Williams plays the role of Quan Banneker, who is also looking for a spot on the music scene in Atlanta.

With February being Black History Month, it serves as a very important symbol for the cast and crew.

“February as Black History Month has extreme importance to us as a cast and crew of African-Americans who are looking to join in league with those who are attempting to rewrite the black American story. We feel that it is symbolic to show the world what it is that we have to offer in portraying black men and women as upwardly mobile and determined individuals striving for meaning and purpose in their lives, in the month that we celebrate black culture and contribution.”

– Alonge Hawes

This team has come a long way. With hours of producing content at Planet LLC, director Geoffrey Henderson and the rest of the cast have something to look forward to. “Blue Collar Hustle” is one of the few shows that aim to propel black excellence in a positive light.  Be sure you’re tuned into “Blue Collar Hustle” on Sunday, February 12th. The series will be streaming on YouTube, where they will release new episodes. For more on “Blue Collar Hustle”, check out their Twitter, Facebook, and official website.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all