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07 - 18 - 2016

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Already high off the success of his sophomore album The Incredible True Story, Maryland Rapper Logic keeps fans ear pumping with the release of his 5th mixtape Bobby Tarantino.Since releasing The Incredible True Story, Logic, born Sir Robert Benson, has been nothing short of busy. After launching 2 world tours to promote his 2nd debut album, and then releasing Bobby Tarantino, Logic proves that hardwork pays off in the long run.

The mixtape finds Logic surveying the success of his first 2 records, assessing his trials and tribulations, and offering fans, listeners, and viewers a chance to see what’s next.Bobby Tarantino starts off with Illuminatro and Flexicution, 2 songs that gives Logic reason to brag and boast.If those 2 tracks are Logic boasting, then the Mixtape takes listeners deeper into his thoughts about the music business and the pros and cons of success. Tracks such as Slave, Slave II, and A Word from Our Sponsor confirm Logic’s thoughts on music and working hard to please his fanbase and critics.

But its not all bad. Super Mario World and Deeper than Money showcase Logic’s wordplay and his love for doing music despite the good and bad. Bobby Tarantino is one of Logic’s best mixtapes out, and not because he is looking to build on his success, but to simply tell everyone what he is thinking and seeing.From the first time he dropped his first project in 2010 to his 2 albums and now Bobby Tarantino, Logic has showed to be nothing short of a hard worker.With Bobby Tarantino, Logic shows that you can still be underground while appealing to mainstream fans.

But one thing is for sure, and that is that despite what critics say, Logic can always rely on the Ratt-pack to have his back.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all