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10 - 10 - 2016

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So I was on another one of my SoundCloud sprees the other night and you know I always stumble across gems! This weeks gem is Marqx and his new EP Renegade!

This EP is just nothing but vibes LET ME TELL YOU. I was so excited to share this project. It’s everything I look for in music, sick beats and dope vocals (but y’all knew this already).

The Breakdown

‘La Marina’  is the song that the project opens with. It gives you the perfect idea of what to expect from Marquise or Marqx.

In the background is this awesome percussion happening that gets minimized to just a drum beat until it explodes into a larger percussion piece towards the end.

During the chorus he does this smooth little climb that he does around “la marina” and it’s just so gaaaaah for lack of better words.

The closing song on this project is this softer piece ‘Solo’. Which if you ask me, is the perfect goodbye.

In the background on this track is this cool like piano piece with some other electronic happenings. They pieces come together so well.

Marqx takes a more sultry approach with his vocals on this one. It is a great addition to all of the vocals on the project.


Stealin’ Hearts Out Here

For all my ladies, Marqx might actually steal your heart with this one. He may or may not have stolen mine, it’s been on replay for daysss!

Listen! Listen! Listen!

Either way, you aren’t going to regret listening to this project. Make sure you check out Marqx’s EP Renegade on SoundCloud.

Connection is Key

Follow Marqx on Instagram and Twitter. Believe me when I tell you, you won’t regret it.


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