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07 - 23 - 2016

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Baton Rouge artist QUADRY releases his 10 track mixtape “America, Me” earlier this week. At the shy age of nineteen, the lyrical artist talks about the struggles going on in America and more. QUADRY is fairly new. He released his first mixtape Dopè in 2014. Now, he’s back to wow and amaze once again with this project.

Media has focused its attention recently to Baton Rouge, LA, with the unjust killing of Alton Sterling. Since then, people have spoken up with their voice in protests. However, QUADRY has dedicated his mixtape to that and some. The artwork of the mixtape speaks for itself.

The producers on this project help enhance the mood and overall tone for America, Me. Pro Era’s Chuck Strangers is among one of the producers, along with Tev’n, Ricci Riera and NOIS.  If performing on the project wasn’t enough, QUADRY also played part in crafting some of the production.

“Loving Me”, produced by both QUADRY and NOIS, is short yet subtle. With the strum of a guitar at the top of the song, next leads to QUADRY rapping along with the beat.  “I know one thing that you don’t, you’ll never stop loving me” repeats itself, of course with different melodies along the way.

imageIf I could compare this mixtape to another, it would have to be Joey Bada$$’s 1999. The message, meaning, and lyrical content is why I believe these two stand on the same axis. Of course they have their own way of telling stories, but one thing they share is the ability to do so.

In all, “America, Me” is like a pot of gumbo with all the fixings. It’s hot, seasoned with tasteful beats and tounge torching lyrics. What’s not to love about that.

Who knows what’s planned for QUADRY in the future. I can tell you one thing: this definitely won’t be the last. Keep up with the lyricist on his Twitter and Instagram.  Make sure you don’t forget to check out “America, Me” above.



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