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09 - 13 - 2016

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Not every artist puts their soul in their music, Eric Bellinger is an exception. The Cali singer and songwriter, released his new mixtape Eric B. For President: Term 1, which might want you to start writing his name in when you go out their and vote!

At the tender age of 30, the singer/songwriter has a lengthy resume you should be aware of.

He has a part of Usher’s “Lemme See,” Chris Brown’s “Love More,” and my favorite by Sevyn Streeter “Sex on the Ceiling,” and lets not forget that he is a Grammy award-winning artist.

If any of these songs are in your top 10 songs, you have Bellinger to thank. So, let me first say Thank You!

Eric B. For President: Term 1, shows you what time, dedication, and passion can produce. The Grammy winner really put it down on this mixtape. My ears couldn’t get enough! When you hear “In My Prime,” he is letting you know that he knows what his music is worth.


The semi-cocky single is one that each of us will remember. However, he is letting you know that in order to get on stage, it requires time, dedication, and hard work.

“They be tryna sub tweet me when I don’t pick it up. Pick it up, pick it up. Give it up, give it up Big enough, big enough. But I remember when it wasn’t so easy.” That line put me in a lane to relate to him on a different level.

Everyone aims to succeed in music, whether it be owning your own business or even teaching. All of it is going to take time and effort, nothing is given.

I respect hearing people who are coming up on their own. Eric B. For President: Term 1, is one of the few mixtapes that I actually fell in love with. I hope there is a second and third term.

You can check out the mixtape here!



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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all