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09 - 09 - 2016

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Ricardo Williams, is he the one that will bring back good R&B music?

Ricardo Williams brings back that feel good R&B music. He released “Deeper” on soundcloud for everyone to hear and I must tell you that this song is not one to be played with. Ricardo Williams was born in Jamaica and later settled his life in Birmingham. Ever since Ricardo was seven he knew he wanted to be a singer. His musical influences are Boys II Men, H-Town, Dru Hill, and Tank just to name a few.

When I first heard this song I was very impress by it. The melody was very catchy and I could not tune it out. I replayed the song a few times and I found myself lost in the words and in his voice.  This song “Deeper” gives you that feel good feeling and takes you back to that 90’s R&B love that everyone is still craving.  The chorus brought back nostalgia as the harmonizing of  voices made me think of musical groups such as: Jodeci, H-Town, and Dru Hill. In this song you can really tell who his influences are. Ricardo’s voice is amazing as he hits his falsetto in the chorus of the song.  I especially knew that Tank was one of his influences because his tone reminds me of just that.”Deeper” is definitely a song that you should have in your playlist so you can listen to this song on repeat ALL day long. If you ask me, I believe that all of his influences would be very proud of this song and may even want to collaborate on a few hits. I am  looking forward to listening to more of Ricardo’s “feel good music”.

Does Ricardo Williams have a future in R&B? YES, he does!


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