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05 - 18 - 2017

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Soul-induced psychedelic cotton candy dream. That’s how I’d describe Olawumi’s new video for her recently released track, Alone.

The video is a trip into Olawumi’s mind, and she appears in a 1960s style throne, telling us what’s up. At the same time, the song and video together show the ambivalent nature of love.  She speaks of someone who she deeply loved, who was everything to her, but at the same time, she’s on the phone, filing her nails, looking tired of it all. The video shows a lighthearted side of the song that we don’t get from the audio alone. It’s funny in the way that it looks like your best friend telling you exactly what you need to hear, nail file in hand.

Olawumi explains of the video herself, “I had a lot of fun making this video. We wanted something fun, funny, and real. I feel like a lot of the time my music is too sad, or too serious for a fun video, so I was excited to finally kick back and be my other self; the silly, colorful Olawumi. Sometimes we have to kick “Ola-gloomy” to the side and bring the energy through the screen. It was truly an intimate experience that displays who I really am.”

It’s always great to hear what an artist has to say of their intention for their work. It helps the listeners to really understand the multifaceted nature of their work. Olawumi clearly wants to show a different side of her style in this video and I think she’s done that. Artists are often trying to get others to take themselves more seriously, but Olawumi has the opposite problem. Rather, she wants people to see a more energized version of herself and her work. What we have here is an iridescent video of an inspired R&B song. Olawumi’s voice and style shine brightly.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all