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09 - 20 - 2016

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The multi-talented singer, rapper, and producer Russ just dropped another gem.  “We Just Haven’t Met Yet,” was released via SoundCloud this past week.

The Jersey-born triple threat has done it again. Russ is no stranger to the art of Soundcloud. Since joining SoundCloud over seven years ago, he has had over 40 million listens. I don’t know what rock I have been under all of this time, but let me just say he has definitely gained another avid listener.

Down to the details

“We Just Haven’t Met Yet,” tells the story that all of us twenty-somethings have thought about at one point or another. (Unless you’re one of those anti-family, anti-relationships types then maybe not.)

Opening with the perfect layer of vocals and acoustic guitars before the downbeat starts, it definitely has such a chill vibe that comes with all of the thoughts that go unsaid.

Russ touches on the idea that his future wife is “probably out wildin’ with [her] friends now.” But he tells that at the end of the day he is still amazed by her, “bodies” and all. The artist expresses his desire for a woman with brains and morals, someone who has more than a cute face and a big butt, as the track flows on.

Don’t we all Russ, don’t we all.


This track has been on replay for the past few days, it is definitely worth a listen. I am secretly hoping that he decides to release some visuals to accompany a track like this. It would be so dope to see what an artistic mind like his would think up to accompany such a relatable track.

Make sure you check out Russ’ new track “We Just Haven’t Met Yet” on SoundCloud.

Russ’ Yung God Tour kicks off in Vancouver next month. Make sure you get your tickets before it is too late!


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