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03 - 21 - 2016

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Lets just say I fell in love at first sound with the thoughtful R&B singer. The crooner with a conscience. Jon Schuyler: the mouthpiece for independent, alternative soul and R&B music. Since 2010, the Cincinnati, Ohio native has offered his listeners conceptual bodies of smooth, sometimes entrancing sounds and lyrics. The singer/songwriter prides himself on plush melodies and stacked harmonies, making his intended message that much more presentable. His latest effort, 199X released December 2014, is a tribute to R&B’s golden age of the 90’s as he along with his production team, LVL, explore syrupy vibes and mod content relating to female empowerment, driving under the influence(s), undying devotion, and an ongoing chase around the city for a long-lost lover. With every song, Schuyler (sky-lerr) desires to make the listening experience transcendental. Welcome to his world. You can thank me later after listening to the brilliant project that is “199x” – Find the Spotify stream above. This project’s EP is available on Soundcloud, and the full LP is on iTunes. Please support real music. Below you can catch his latest music video for Overrated. Enjoy.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all