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12 - 03 - 2016

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Atlanta Artist Shaun B debuts his new single, “Vacay”, which comes on the heels of his debut project, Cocaine in the Morning.

B, who hails from East Atlanta, is yet another artist to look out for in the year 2017. Steadily making waves with his buzzing “Welcome To The Highlife” Movement.

WTHL is inspired by Shaun B’s current lifestyle and movement. It should be no surprise then that he is one of the hardest working men in ATL and Hip-Hop.

Shaun B cultivates a common sound in Hip-Hop, but with a different sense. His sound is unique but his own, with his distinct charm and spin.

The Slow Kings produced track is uniquely crafted and contains traces of R&B. Shaun B does a good job of speaking his mind on it.



R&B is often saturated with many artists having defined and redefined the genre. Shaun B is someone of his own.

Although he is very much in the beginning stages of his career, he is proving that his sound is established.

Even though he has found his sound, he is still developing artistically, and is honing his craft.

Shaun B is not only another artist from Atlanta, but someone who is still building and diversifying the Atlanta Hip-Hop & R&B Scene.

Another track, Forever, produced by FanoBee, shows how different his sound is from contemporaries alike.

Shaun B, another artist on the rise not only throughout Atlanta, but Hip-Hop.

His movement, music, and production is an example of the talent he possesses.

If the crooner continues, he will soon progress on the map.

Take a listen to ‘Vacay” and check out his project “Cocaine In The Morning.”

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