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10 - 29 - 2016

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Indie-pop artist Shenna dropped her new single “Made of Gold” this week. This song may seem familiar if you’ve been tuned into networks MTV, VH1, and Oxygen. With just one album on her list, needless to say Shenna is ‘made of gold’ herself.

Shenna Somsmieh, known by her stage name Sheena, discovered she had a passion for music at the age of 7.

Hailing from Virginia/DMV area, she began performing showcases and has thrived ever since.

Her notable performances include opening for R&B group En Vogue and Swedish artist Sebastian Mikael. Without a doubt, Shenna isn’t afraid to take the stage. Sheena is dubbed a songwriter, actress, model, dancer, and co-producer.


“Made of Gold” is an up beat song that will get everyone off of their feet.

Shenna’s modern sound of pop is energetic and fun. Being “made of gold”, she stands out from the rest of the crowd and shines through all that she puts herself through.

2016 is the year for music, and Shenna has big plans. The artist released her debut album “Made of Gold” which features the hit single , along with “Riot” and “So-Low”.

Furthermore, her music has received countless buzz as her songs have been featured in Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club” along with MTV series “Finding Carter”.

Don’t miss out on what’s to come from this shining star. Shenna keeps fans informed on her  official website where you’ll find contact information, music and more. You can also check out her Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter, and Bandcamp. Make sure you tune into “Made of Gold” above.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all