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09 - 09 - 2016

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Shy Grey is back! Formerly known as C Dot Castro, Shy grey decides to take on an entirely new method to his music. In the comeback track, “Addiction”, Shy Grey shares his story thus far. The incredible lyricism brings listeners into the shoes of Shy Grey.

“Addiction” is a trap soul bedroom banger produced by the official OB. The vocals on this artist delivers a one-of-a-kind experience as his words connect to your heart.


The initial beat pulls you in with its emotional, yet weary sound. Wasting no time, Shy Grey reveals the experiences and struggles of his musical journey taken in order to be the artist he is today.

Before Shy Grey was created, this poetic rapper was a member of Logic’s Rattpack and known as C Dot Castro. Being a part of the Rattpack was an inspirational time in his life. It allowed him to see a bigger picture with his music career that could only be reached if he continued as a solo artist.

In “Addiction”, Shy Grey stresses “itchin to get this s**t on my own so I restarted this s**t from scratch”. The determination and fire in his heart to pursue music can not be ignored in this bar. There is nothing getting in Shy Grey’s ways at this point. He has struggled through obstacles in his music career and personal life. The pain from these struggles seeps right off his voice in “Addiction”.

In the last verse, Shy Grey expresses his addiction to this life. His passion for music and reaching the top of the game is described as his own addiction. At the end of the day, his love for music is what keeps him pushing through the hardships that try to pull him down.

Shy Grey had made an unbelievable comeback with this solo track. One listen and you will be on your toes for his next release!

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all