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03 - 27 - 2018

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New independent artist Siergio breaks through 2018 with a soulful bang. While landing its spot at #1 on iTunes R&B, the highly acclaimed album This Will Hurt continues to linger through raging fans of R&B. The Chicago born artist is filled with soul, and it shows in every vocal and ballad the artist curates.

R&B is in a more contemporary place nowadays. While it continues to revamp itself, few artists still hold onto the influences of the genres pioneers, such as Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, and Donny Hathaway. For Siergio, a piece of each artist is instilled in his vocals, while delivering this revamped wave of R&B.

The 13-track project is packed with swooning vocals and smooth production that is guaranteed to put you in a mood. It carries the traditional theme of rhythm and soul albums; love and heartbreak. What makes this project unique is not only the smooth vocals from Siergio, but his charisma and deliverance. From beginning to end, we see more and more why Siergio is the piece of soul we need. This Will Hurt takes a modern approach to the long-lived genre.

The album starts off slow and smooth with “Catching Vibes”. It creeps in with eerie keys, then releases the soulful vocals of Siergio. The tempo picks up with “Privacy” and “Summer Fling”, then mellows itself out with tracks like “Make It Better” and “I Will Do”. Standout tracks “On My Way” and “Temporary” rightfully peaked on top 30 on iTunes R&B, while the album as a whole remains at #27 on US iTunes All Genres chart.

Siergio is passionate about what he does. He’s a reminder that vocals and production need to be in harmony with each other. We hope that more is to come from the artist in 2018. Until then, we’ll marvel and enjoy the works of This Will Hurt. Keep up with the latest from Siergio on his Soundcloud. Help support an amazing artist by listening to This Will Hurt here.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all