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12 - 12 - 2016

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R&B Money artist “Siya” debuts her critically acclaimed album “Siya vs Siya.”


To begin, Siya let you know she is “The One.” 

The budding artist combines lyricism and melodic tones superbly on the intro featuring Lyric Wright.

“After all the shit you been through, how you still ambitious? I say the streets keep me hungry plus I’m down to ride, and it’s not about your struggle, it’s about your drive.”

Although, most songs on “Siya vs Siya” are only 2 and a half minutes long, with each song, her main objective proves she is destined with longevity as a rising hip-hop MC.


One thing I dig about Siya is she’s not afraid to express how she feels. The lead single “Watch What You Say” featuring Sage The Gemini is straight forward. She’s placed such songs as “WWYS”, “Body”, and “I Know I Know” on the project to stake her claim and send warnings shots.

Most of the album’s production contains trap interpolations infused with heavy 808 drums.

“My Sons”, which is the second lead single, has Siya repping her block and “Sons.” The song shows she possesses street-credit and an army backing.

“Clarity Interlude” shows Siya at her height, spitting truth about her love and life obstacles. The production here differs from most tracks on the album,which could be why a more boom-bap flow is used here:

“We got so much in common, besides the fact you went to college. You got beauty and brains, I got shooters and robbers. I’m from a place of problems. Growing up, my style was modest before the bitches would holler, I was broke without a dollar.”


Almost every track following the interlude showcases the other side of Siya. Alluding to the album title “Siya vs Siya.” The second half is the “less-gully lyricist yet melodic-crooner” version of Siya.


Siya is a versatile rapper and singer. She showcases her passionate melodies on tracks like “Nights B4 You”, “LOVEmeLOVEmeNOT”, “Only You” and “Honey Love.” Being signed to Tank’s R&BMoney label, Siya has had great guidance and support in her vocal abilities.

 As the album ends, the production differs on “Picket Fence” and “Bombae.” These last two tracks have great vibes and contains assistance from artists;  ASHLEY ROSE, Jake&Papa and Kreesha Turner.

Overall, “SIYA vs SIYA” is a project with a bit of everything for anyone on it. It’s a turn-up and turn-down album for 2017, which includes impressive production. Be on the lookout for the rising Brooklyn artist and actress.

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