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05 - 10 - 2017

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Virginia Artist Sondai has something to say and does it in his own way.

Not your typical rapper, Sondai is just expressing himself and his latest project proves that.

Influenced by Jazz and Bossanova, Sondai equips an ability to paint his words like a canvass.

For example, his latest single, One Chick, has made waves in the underground and Fresh Finds gave it a place on its coveted playlist.

For this reason, Spotify gave it a top 10 place in the US Top 50 Viral hits.

A product of New York by way of Virginia, he looks to make an impact on the world with Wallflower.

A nine track project, Wallflower, by and large, is an underground sensation and arguably something rare.

First, out of all nine songs,  tracks two, three, four, and nine are my favorites.

Track two, Wallflower, speaks his biography and tells me what’s it like in his life.

“Saw a flower blossom and made it backward”/”Crumbs on the back of your favorite rapper”.

“I relate the madness”/”Since a troublekid I been wreaking havoc on public schools”.

Sondai tells us his trouble with school, his problems evolving, and how he has grown since then.

Next, Track three, Mandela, is a smooth song, where Sondai expresses his feelings to a woman.

He starts off with “Will I have the honor of knowing you”/You should be proud of me, knowing of what you put me through”.

He also attacks Trump and his vision. “Build that wall but can’t block me out/Bricks consist of glass.”

Sondai expresses his future of his life, the country, and the future of his people, presumably minorities.

Track four, Hourglass, ironically about success but changing yourself as well.

“Start the spark that will change the globe”/”A cavemen with no sticks and stones”

Sondai says that no matter how far we’ve come, we still have a ways to go.

Then, Track 4, Playstation is straight political with a hint of personal redemption.

“28 grams was brought by a Mexican”/but 28 grams was brought by the government”.

Sondai tells us how the government is responsible for the destruction of Black and brown communities.

Wallflower is an underground classic no doubt, but an artist like Sondai won’t be for long.

He has a unique style, and his consciousness combined with smooth production is needed.

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