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06 - 05 - 2017

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Sophia’s latest release, Give Me Heart, is an emotive and heartfelt track in which the artist truly connects with herself.

She sings the majority of the song on a windowsill, still inside her home, but looking outside to the world, and seeing all the possibility there. Her voice is sweet yet passionate, with influences from folk, gospel, and pop. She sings from her heart, which emanates a sense of wisdom, wanderlust, and beauty. Give Me Heart is a calm and soothing track, perfect for listening to when you are just waking up. Sophia’s gentle voice glides throughout the track and brings with it a message. Follow your heart, and not your head. Your head may think it knows what’s best for you, but the heart is that gut feeling that propels you forward. It’s a song about stepping forward into the mystery. It’s about learning how to go outside the window of the house you’ve built.

Sophia is only 22 years old, but she’s managed to create quite a unique sound and vibe in that time. Her songs are conscious. She plucks a simple yet perfect melody on her guitar to go along with her vocals. The guitar provides the backbone with which her voice can soar, unencumbered by heavy instrumentals. The song is fully Sophia. Give Me Heart has a strong sense of connection to Sophia herself, and that’s what makes the song so beautiful. It’s her own story, coming to life for our ears. In this way, we are able to connect with her deeply, and think about our own lives, and whether they are governed by the head or the heart. It’s a beautiful song with a beautiful message. I’m excited to see what Sophia has in store for us with the upcoming release of her EP.

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