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03 - 07 - 2017

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JMSN’s new track, Drinkin’, is a soul-induced revelation. It brings all the right types of funk to create something of a new-age gospel song.

But what JMSN preaches, through an incredibly powerful voice, is to unlock your societal constraints. Those that squeeze you into a shape of person you weren’t meant to be. Consequently, JMSN’s message is unapologetically real. Drinkin’, while it appeals to a wide audience of young people looking for a momentary escape from reality, carries a deeper message. JMSN tells you to do what makes you happy. His final lines at the end of the track, “do that shit, and if it’s drinkin’, yeah gon’ and do it all the time”, say it all. JMSN is an unsigned artist, he’s doing his own thing, and he’s definitely doing it right. He’s certainly been critiqued for his decision to remain unsigned and unconstrained. JMSN answers the haters with, “Just because you got a preconceived notion of what I should do don’t mean it’s the truth”.

Speaking of preconceived notions, if you think soul is just some old school R&B from the 1960s, listen to Drinkin’. Disco ain’t dead baby, and neither is soul. Artists as of late have been incorporating more and more elements of traditional music of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. Technological innovations have revolutionized music production, therefore allowing artists to create diverse tracks that incorporate sounds from various sources. Drinkin’ is a beautiful example of this phenomenon. JMSN’s incredible vocal power is enhanced in a perfectly nuanced way. For example, the track starts with a cymbal-based drum beat and low-key bass line as the foundation for the vocals. JMSN systematically builds throughout the track, as he adds soulful organ later on, yet maintains his voice as the centerpiece. So sit down, chill out, maybe have a drink, and definitely, definitely, give this track a listen.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all