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09 - 04 - 2016

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Souletica is an emerging creative artist based in Atlanta, GA, from the Chi-town, who is set to take the indie scene by force. The spoken word artist released his first project “Nectar” in 2015, and followed up with his recent release Nü Jive from June 2016. On these compilations, he heavily collaborated with producer Connor Button.

“When I Have A Child/Die Tonight” touches on issues and thoughts a black man faces in 2016 America. The first half of the song addresses his future son.

As he speaks the following:

“When I have a child

I’ll teach him about respect and good faith

He gone need it to survive

cause this world, ain’t a good place

I’ll show him pictures of a queen and ask him

what does he think?

because by the time he turns 3

they gone all be extinct.”


At this point in the track, Soul has listeners hooked by the rawness of his lyrics. Juran Ratchford seamlessly weaves the saxophone in and out of the song confidently accompanying the lyrics. Souletica continues the first half “When I Have A Child” saying the following:

“First grade under his shirt

will be a bulletproof vest

cause being black and innocent

will get you shot and laid to rest

Give him condoms, poetry

and some knowledge from my past

teach to love the proper way

and see a “mind” before an “ass”

As the spoken word portion of the song completes, the track transitions into Juran’s enjoyable jazz interpolation. After listeners are immersed on the wave, Souletica finishes up the track with a switch up into “Die Tonight” which is a melodic truth. Releasing socially conscious songs as such, critics have compared Souletica to Andre 3000 being that he too is based in ATL. Souletica is definitely stepping into a lane of his own that we here at CAQ are excited to follow.

Listen to his most recent offering Nü Jive below.


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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all