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10 - 10 - 2016

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Atlanta-based artist Souletica has released a new single, High4you, on his soundcloud last night.

It is his latest single, and comes on the heal of his project, Nu Jive, which is his 2nd mixtape.

Originally from Chicago, IL, Souletica, whose real name is Sean Pearson is based in Atlanta and has been doing poetry since the 5th grade.

After moving to Atlanta in 2010, he formed a group called Infinite Souls, and has since been grinding his way to the top.

Souletica lyrics and words are often full of meaning, and he prides himself on creating a one of a kind sound.

Its evident in his new song, High4you, which is produced by Conner Button.

In the chorus “She been getting high for me, Souletica is talking about a female who is loyal to him, but he has trouble relaying the same sense of loyalty and love back to her.


The song is good not only because of his wordplay, sampling, and words, but because music like this is very important to the genre of R&B, with a touch of Hip Hop.

He relays his love for weed, and most importantly his girl, whom he has strong feelings for. High4You is refreshing and tells the true story of how love can be a touch subject.

Souletica is not only a unique artist, but by listening to him you can tell he draws an influence from a wide range of R&B artist.

His production of this song is also unique, as you can tell he sampled early 90’s R&B music.

But most importantly he speaks his mind. He is not afraid to tell his audience what he is truly feeling, which is what music fans such as myself are looking for in most artist today.

Check out his music on soundcloud, be on the lookout for more music from this talented artist.

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