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01 - 12 - 2018

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Sticky, sticky off the ground

Ravyn Lenae’s latest release, Sticky, starts with a dramatic introduction. An electric organ sets the stage, creating some spiritual psychedelic vibes. Soon, a jazzy guitar joins in and the anticipation builds. It feels like the opening scene of a film. The anticipation is rewarded. Ravyn Lenae has a masterful control over her high-pitched vocals. She goes between bars filled with deeper soulful scats and airy whisperings. The song is filled with contrasting sounds, but that’s what makes it so exciting to listen to. The lyrics are laid over on themselves in this way as they progress through the song in differing tones. Ravyn sings of a sticky lover, one she can’t seem to shake. She can’t make up her mind, and that’s what leaves her stuck. She’s “Spinning, spinning, round and round” in this relationship, unable to see things straight in the dizzying affair.

Ravyn Lenae’s sound and piercingly beautiful voice are impressive for any artist, but even more so knowing that she is only 18. In her career thus far, the Chicago based singer has worked with other R&B artists from her hometown such as Mick Jenkins. Sticky is her latest solo single and it establishes her individual artistic ground. The song has a pop feel to it, but it’s moving toward the future of pop. Pop is now taking sounds from the past to create the future, like the electric organ in Sticky. Lenae uses unexpected sounds and blends musical genres with talent beyond her years. As she said of her work, “I tend to take small bits and pieces from my favorite artist and incorporate them into my own work”. Sticky uses this technique and Ravyn’s unique voice to create a powerfully dynamic track.

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