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10 - 06 - 2016

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Jamie Jermaine – Due Damage EP

A collection of sick beats, vocals, and lyrics Jamie Jermaine, a native Marylander releases his first EP.

Initially, you can tell that the artist draws inspiration from artists of our time like Drake and the Weeknd. The pairing of the electronic beats on every track and his rapping singing technique, it all just works for Jermaine so well.

Jermaine made his debut on SoundCloud about a year ago with his tracks All Again and From Atlanta.


The Breakdown

 Jamie Jermaine has come a long way producing this EP. Opening with On The Rise, he expresses his excitement of how far he has come musically. Talking about how he feels like he “gotta get it” because he is on the rise. The track is definitely a great opening track because it gives the artist a chance to celebrate himself before he shows you just how true “I am on the rise” is.

The project ends with a collaboration piece with Jelani Kwesi, Eyes is a heavy lyrical track. Describing how the men can see how much their girl is enjoying everything that is happening. Through their acts of taking care of the woman they “can see it in [her] eyes” that she knows that they will treat their girls right.


The whole project features some of the craziest electronic-like tracks produced primarily 502 Colin. These beats aren’t exactly what I would think would expect from an EP of this nature, but it all comes together so smoothly.

Take a listen to the EP and witness how Jamie Jermaine is putting his own spin on the music of today.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all