Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all

10 - 09 - 2019




In a white durag with pink eyeshadow, on a pink phone and surrounded by a pink room, Summer Walker is pictured on her album cover. The sentiment is unbothered, and she knows exactly what she’s about to say.

Entitled Over It, Summer Walker’s latest album is composed of 18 tracks, making us think it’d take a while to feel that way. Walker uses the lengthy tracklist to fully express her emotion, her style unencumbered and raw. The title track in particular starts with a classic 90’s R&B beat, setting the stage for what’s to come. She has a vibe similar to Aaliyah in 4 Page Letter, with a powerful confidence that pours through the music. 

There’s an intense sensuality to the songs. In “Body”, she says “Sex with you is so amazin’ How, how long can you go, baby? Better last ’til my body’s sore, ’cause it’s crazy”. She’s not leaving anything out, but the overt sexuality is an honest representation of her thoughts. And these lyrics have been used for decades by male R&B artists, so it’s about time a woman took over. 

Walker’s raspy voice meanders through the tracks, each time giving a snapshot into her life, sexuality and the openness to experience it all. In songs like “Drunk Dialing…LODT”, we hear a more bluesy sound, and her vocal ability to express soul. 

The following track, “Come Thru (with Usher)” is one of many collaborations with big names. Other artists include Byrson Tiller, 6LACK, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Jhené Aiko and of course, Drake. His verse on “Girls Need Love” helped the track reach platinum earlier this year. Her lyrics highlighting female sexual need in the face of male judgment is exactly what our generation needs right now. Over It shows that Walker already has everything she needs to become an R&B legend.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all