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02 - 03 - 2017

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Syd released her much-anticipated album “Fin” this morning. I have been waiting for this release for so long, so needless to say I jumped at the opportunity to be able to talk about this project. Syd, originally from The Internet, has one of the unique voices I have heard. I have been hooked since I heard her on “Get Away” on her project “Ego Death” with The Internet. 

1. Body-ody-ody

The lead single “Body” which released last week helped build anticipation for the project debut. This track was one of the strongest she could have chosen as her single. “Body” has some of the smoothest production provided by Melo-X, rolling around in the background. There is just something so sultry about this track, and I’m not just talking about her the natural sultriness to her voice. “When I pull your hair, what’s my name?” Pulses through your speakers at the height of the song *insert eye emoji*. This song reminds you of how sneaky Syd is with her lyrics sometimes. She knows when to slide in these little innuendos that keep you thinking about who the lucky girl she might be talking about is.

2. She means business

There really isn’t a song on”Fin” that I don’t like. From “Know,” to “Nothing to Something,” and “Got her Own” which might be my new anthem. Syd did not come to play games with us on Fin. Her vocals create the perfect sultry and slightly soft ambiance throughout most of the project. That comes along with the soft air to her voice that just makes it so easy on the ears. I truly appreciate all the work that has been clearly put into this project. From all of us Syd, we thank you. 

3. It only took one

Syd delivered seamlessly with Fin, no help needed. When she did choose to have a feature, she chose a vocalist that truly adds to the greatness of Syd The Kid and that is 6LACK. Their track “Over” started off with a beat that I thought may feature some sort of strong flows until the beat dropped. Shortly, I was let know that this track wasn’t going to be like most tracks that have a female vocalist at the center of it all. 6LACK made this track that much better, closing out the track the right way.

Altogether, Syd did her thing on this project. 

You are going to want to see the visuals as they begin to release so make sure you follow her on Instagram and Twitter so you can stay up to date. 

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