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01 - 14 - 2017

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SZA has finally come back with another work of art. Just yesterday, the princess of TDE released her latest single, “Drew Barrymore.” I nearly died of excitement when I found out. In October 2016

In October 2016 Sza tweeted that she was done with music, which would explain my excitement. Leading up to this now-deleted tweet, the young artist was due to release an album. However, she was getting a lot of push-back from her label, Top Dawg Entertainment.

All that Matters Is the Music

Her debut single “Drew Barrymore” is now available for purchase and download on iTunes and Apple Music.

This song will go down as one of my favorite works by SZA. The artist has mastered the art of “brown grunge” over the years and this track is no different. A perfect mix of slightly soft and sultry vocals with too deep for words lyrics.

The Breakdown

In the track, Sza explores the, sometimes unspoken yet very real, world of social anxiety and low-self esteem. “I get so lonely I forget what I’m worth, we get so lonely we pretend that this works” she sings as she tells the story of a toxic that only exists to keep her from being alone at night. Her vocals roll along this kinda funky track. Fully equipped with a distorted piano piece with a great mix of percussion with the dopest baseline.

“Lonely enough to have you treat me like this. Do you really love me or do you just want to love me down…” is a story that we see in our generation far too many times. The one where lust takes over, and the self-worth flys out the window when you have someone to hold. Even if they are never going to be yours, and you both know that.

In true SZA fashion

The upbeat tempo of the track can make you miss the depth of her words. If you don’t pay attention, you just won’t get it. Sza has a way of being able to make you forget all the dark yet very deep things she’s saying as she nonchalantly sings. Another prime example of this is her song Babylon, and if you watch the visuals you will understand what I mean.

I am glad to see her back either way. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of her next album “CTRL” coming soon (or so they say).

Get Connected

You are going to want to stay on top of all things Sza. As well as be waiting by the phone for her next release. So make sure you follow her on Twitter and Instagram

(You never know she might just start dropping tracks like Rihanna did)

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