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12 - 05 - 2016

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Kentucky native, Ta’ East delivers a solid debut with “Okay, I’m Ready.”


Ta’East brings in a sweet introduction with ‘Go Off.’ The track speaks as his ‘coming of age’ and sets the tone for the project. He is not the same and can’t be compared to his counterparts alike, he is bringing a new taste, and when given the opportunity, he literally goes off.

“They telling me, I’m too young to be tired, but I’m implying small things to a giant, when you’re overqualified to be hired, I didn’t retain shit from college but self-knowledge..”

Production on this track is riveting and reminds us of the early Eminem days. Towards the end of the track, Ta’East lets the sample and rich vocals bleed through the record before coming back to end the song with heavy bars.


Ta’ East performing at A3c 2016 | Photo Credit: JokezOnMedia


“WithTheShit” comes in with haunting production, a dark and heavy vibe reminiscent of an 808 Mafia sound.

The artist rides the beat meticulously on the second verse with a thick accent, as he aimlessly caresses his wordplay.

“Too many celebs, but not enough stars to brighten the business…”

In the second track, it’s evident, Ta’ East is taking shots and showing listeners he really is “with the shit.”


Here, Ta’ continues with the dark production produced by Cairo Mayeson,

“I was raised in an era where the Bulls went 72-10, so all I can do is win.”

“72-10” is the lead single for the EP, which was released two years ago.

This stand-out track is one of my favorites due to it’s witty metaphors and wordplay:

“Give me head and tail, I’m flipping that coin.”

Ta’ East brings a militant and encouraging flow here as well as the catchy and infectious hook.

N Word

“Everybody wanna be a nigga, but no body wanna be a nigga.”

Words plain as day, cutting like a knife.

‘N Word’ is a conscious and true song as what it’s like growing up as a black man in America while Ta’ still tells his story….at least for the first half.

“Criticize the culture, but you live it. I swear to God the vultures won’t admit it.”

Ta’ East pulls in Young Lyxx and Malik Yusef for the only features on the EP, who do a good job of delivery sonically and sincerely.

Despite the heavy theme, Ta’ East still maintains to proceed and stunt lyrically:

“OG, you know me
riding’ ‘round town with my woe-dee’s
keep a bad one, but she low-key
still smash your favorite girl
to some oldies
I sip pinot grig, she drink Old E
still taste her kitty in my goatee…”

Beautiful jazzy production is displayed towards the end of ‘N Word.’



“I call you a goddess, like it’s your nickname..”

The song “LYLA” stands for “Loves You Like Aaliyah”

Ta’ East is referring to his dream girl, who is chasing her passion but yet still living in a whirlwind.

No one understands her but him, yet everyone is obsessed with who they perceive her to be.

“I swear that you got it, girl don’t let shit change. I love you from Cali, Toronto, Atlanta to Brisbane.”


The outro track “20/20” touches on Ta’East’s ambitions. In the track, you can hear his hunger. He’s coming for all of those who slept on him.

“You know I got the vision, I just manifested all of my predictions.”

“Okay, I’m Ready” contains impressive production and delivers on the lyrical tip from the Sony Records artist.

His formula is impeccable and he always leaves listeners with quality content to look forward to.

Ta’ East is highly underrated and still has a lot to prove in order to make his print in the business. He is definitely on the right track.

Take a listen to “Okay, I’m Ready” on Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Ta’ East on Instagram & Twitter.


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