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09 - 05 - 2016

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In today’s fast current of music, Tailr.Mde.Lvn is back with the premier of new music, “Waves” produced by Skit , the new joint brings a breath-taking rhythm to the ocean. Based in South-London, these musical geniuses have combined the hype of current hip-hop with the soul of old vintage poetry.

“Waves” is a future alternative RnB produced track featuring a Wolftyla sample.


Tailr.Mde.Lvn never fails to take fans to his own nirvana by the sound of his voice and flow of lyrics. It’s so easy to feel lost in today’s society as trends change faster than Autumn leaves. Sometimes it seems impossible to keep up with the world surrounding us.Tailr.Mde.Lvn has captured this experience in one tale that can relate to those who live in the past, the present, and the future.

The track tells a story of a brother struggling to juggle his emotions and relations with women while finding his own balance. Tailr.Mde.Lvn leaves you speechless as listeners follow his voice and embrace the feelings that are taking over his body.Describing every thought, struggle, and emotion that goes behind it, the words that are delivered in this song will automatically create a bond between you and the artist.Tailr.Mde.Lvn’s unique sound is taking London-town by storm as they travel to celebrate with fans.

Don’t miss out on Sunday October 30th where they will be performing at the Opening Festival for Boxpark Croydon with NME Magazine and Eskimo Dance!

Check out the flyer below for details.

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Now, hit the play button, take a moment for your self, and connect with your old soul while you listen to “Waves” today!

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