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08 - 27 - 2016

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After releasing the audio release of her new singer, it would only be right if we got a visual to go along with it.  U.K. Singer Taliwhoah is back with her new visual “Fast Fwd”.  She is a fairly new face we will all get familiar with sooner than we think.

European music has been declaring their spot in hip hop for some time. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Taliwhoah is ready to line up. Since being the face on Disney Channel as a singer at the age of 11, it’s no wonder why Taliwhoah has a drive for music. The artist channels both alternative R&B and Hip-Hop sounds coming from her African/Carribean culture. She is also dubbed as a fashion stylist for a few artists back home in the UK, and even a choreographer. She isn’t afraid to use ever inch of talent she has instilled in her body.

Taliwhoah expanded her boundaries when she made the move to L.A. At jump, the struggle between finding a stable place to live, school, and  staying in the studio dawned on Taliwhoah. Fortunately, she overcame it all and got back on her feet.

“Fast Fwd” features colabs with two other neighboring artists from the UK, Levelle London and SNE. All three came together for a dope indie performance, and trap infused vibe, all thanks to production from Trixx.

image“Fast Fwd” gives us a taste of trap soul from the U.K perspective. At first, we enter in the mist of a function under red and blue lights. They canvas on Taliwhoah, who then caresses the song with her vocals. Taliwhoah and Levelle play the role of two people who are feeling one another, but one is taking too long to say what they really want. After loosing some interest, Tali moves on with someone else. Next, comes Levelle’s regret of letting Taliwhoah go.

Last but not least, SNE lays his bars down towards the end of the video. 411 and his creative sense helped fuse the idea and direction of this whole project. After watching this, you’ll wish you were there at the function too.

These three artists are well on their way. Whether come on a track, or do their own thing, we now have an idea of what they are all about. Keep up with the latest from Taliwhoah on her social media listed below. Don’t forget to check out “Fast Fwd” above.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all