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11 - 17 - 2016

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Leave You Lonely

London-bred singer Tara Caroiselli  is making waves with new single  “Leave You Lonely.”

Her passion for music started at the age of 17. Before she discovered her passion for music she was always surrounded by it growing up.

From the title you can assume the  song comes from a place of neglected in a relationship and a broken heart.

In Tara’s words she described what “Leave You Lonely” is all about.

“The boy I felt like I loved had broken up with me that same morning and I guess I wrote “Leave You Lonely” as an ode to myself to stay strong. Although I was completely vulnerable and heartbroken, I also felt so powerful in that moment”.


“Leave You Lonely”, was produced by Kito a person that she linked up with in 2014 and now they have teamed up again. This song has a nice vibe to it. It is also a song that women can relate to once you listen to the words. “A fool for your charm, but I lived in the spell”, is one of the lines that really stuck out to me.

I’m ready to see what the pop star, Tara has in store for 2017. Thanks for sharing a song from your heart and letting the world hear it.

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