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03 - 31 - 2017

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In your own words, who is Tee Krispil?

 Tee Krispil is a continuously evolving anthropological creature channeling hymns from the heavens. Too much? Maybe? Probably. I’m just a west coast sista dropping bars & spreading the love.

When did you begin your path as a recording artist?

I started recording myself on a ghetto USB mic while living in Toronto back in 2014. I started taking it more seriously about a year and a half ago, I read the book The Artist Way and it was a game changer… I enrolled in a digital music production program at Langara College and I’ve been writing/recording/making beats since.

 Tell us about your new single ‘Waste Away” what is the inspiration behind it?

 A lot of the time my music is a result of automatic writing, unfiltered mind splatters if you will; it’s therapeutic. I’ll often interchangeably use the word “you” to talk to myself, almost like I’m giving myself advice. The song was inspired by frustration towards monotonous day to day life and a desire to make the best of my days, to not “waste away”.

Tee, we deem your style and sound as “authentic”, who are some major influences that inspire your originality?

 I think my originality is a result of my music ADD. Definitely GURU of Gangstarr, he influenced me to start writing. Outkast too, they’re just crazy, I aspire to always keep things fresh and different like they do. I’ve always been inspired by the OG ladies of hip-hop like Erykah and Lauryn. Nina Simone’s ability to capture a crowd really really inspired me as a performer. KRS-ONE, the Juggaknots, The Fugees, all the oldies really.

What is the Vancouver music scene like? 

Super versatile and hella supportive. There’s lots of cross-genre pollination, it’s generally really friendly and super inspiring to be a musician out here. If you’re good at what you do there’s lots of performance opportunity as well. The city is really laid back, it’s a very different creative energy than other Canadian cities, like Toronto for example. It’s more emotionally sustainable to be an artist out here in my opinion. 

What can listeners expect from your forthcoming album “One Way Ticket”?

 Some super dope production from the homie Moxsa, some sassy bars, a lil singing, a lil rapping, lots of word play & metaphoric writing. I hope people will interpret it in many ways! 

For more on Tee Krispil visit her official website “One Way Ticket” releases Spring 2017.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all