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02 - 03 - 2017

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Hillary Olawumi is an upcoming vocalist that gives music a fresh sound. The “Soul Trap Goddess” yet again produces a thought-provoking track. She gave listeners a taste of what Olawumi can really bring to the table. Though her discography produces heartbroken melodies, it doesn’t match her energetic personality.

Originally from New Jersey, the Nigerian-American vocalist shares her inspiration for music from her late father, who would sit up and listen to Michael Jackson tracks together. She is also inspired by other New Jersey legends like Lauryn Hill, Faith Evans, and Whitney Houston she continues to look for inspiration.

The songstress released a sultry/soulful piece. Her experimental sound is displayed yet again on her new song “Alone”. The animated synths and bass are followed with her wistful voice. She easily spits her amazing and truthful lyrics. “Can we keep things real? Because I don’t ever want to be alone again.” Her words continue to speak the immense truth of the unwillingness of being alone. The vocalist continues to drive our minds to far off places from her sultry crooning. Courtesy of NBHD NATE her track becomes another joint pick to her listeners. Released on SoundCloud only two days ago, she already has listeners raving about the mesmerizing track.

Olawumi once again produces a seamless track, making fans excited for her upcoming project. Her amazing voice, dope production, and truthful lyrics find a way to be perfectly put together for the track. Make sure to follow Olawumi on SoundCoud for soulful tracks like “Alone”.

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Crown All Queens

Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all