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01 - 20 - 2017

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Introducing the Brooklyn-based trio!

The new year has brought in a new sound with the emerging Funk/Pop band, The Visions. This talented package is made up by brothers Ben and Michael Shugarman and childhood friend Ryan brooks. The Visions started their musical journey from scratch in the city of Brooklyn, New York. Michael Shugarman is not only the drummer of the band, but he writes all of their music, as well. Furthermore, The Visions produces, records, and performs all of their music themselves. This allowed the band to create a pop sound that has not yet been discovered until now!

The Visions made their first big explosion in the music culture when they dropped their pop anthem “White Dress” in 2016. Their musical talents came together and delivered a bold introductory single that kept fans wanting more. The Visions decided to take a dip into the R&B territory with their second single “Oceans” to continue experimenting with new and undiscovered sounds.

Discovering “Oceans” and the meaning beneath it

The Visions put together a dreamy beat of snaps and kung-fu-claps to amplify their pop factor in this R&B romance track. They have used the ocean as a metaphor in their lyrics allowing listeners to explore their own emotions during this song. Love, battles, and the changes that can occur to one when in love have been released into this song by each artist.

The track begins with ocean-like instrumentals that continue throughout the song and delivers a complete experience to their audience. Within seconds the music takes you away from reality and brings you to a sweet romantic paradise. Warm synths create swells in this buoyant groove that will travel through the music into your body leaving no choice but to move with the rhythm.

“Oceans” has made a huge splash in the current! Their funk is spreading quickly as they continue to grow as a pop band. The Visions has their eyes set on a prize and their dedication to perfection says it all. “Oceans” is just another dip into what is yet to come on their upcoming EP in 2017!

Stay tuned into their new music on SoundCloud!

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all