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10 - 19 - 2016





This year, Atlanta hosted its first Afropunk Carnival of Consciousness. Afropunk is a festival thriving off the uniqueness of black culture. With fashion, music, and art as its main focus, it created a black space for all that attended. Performances at Afropunk included producers, DJs, and recording artists that would help channel the theme for the festival. Music movement Soulection made its way on stage, featuring a crowd pumping set from DJ Thrice Groove.

Thrice Groove is a musician based in Atlanta. His music includes undertones of R&B, house, electronic, and funk. He is a member of WERC Crew and Soulection. Groove  has also done work with The Roots, Kendrick Lamar, Janelle Monae and many more. Thrice moves his music forward, and has a signature sound that sets him apart from other DJs.


Outside of his set, I could hear him mixing songs, and it drawled my attention. What is that sound? Who is playing it? I had to make my way into venue he was DJing at. Thrice Groove’s set included flashing lights, electronic soul music, and an audience that loved every bit of it. As his set continued, the crowd intensified and almost the entire room was filled. While listening to Thrice, it was almost like I could feel the music living inside of me. His transitions were smooth, and they always were on point. Slow song would move into an upbeat song, and vice versa.


Once he got off set, I immediately became a fan. I searched him up, found his Soundcloud so I can catch up on his production, and never miss anything he comes out with in the future. I caught him walking around the venue and saw a chance to get a word in with him. Talking to him, I could tell he was very talented and humbled, something that every artist should acquire. He was blessed that he gained a fan, and told me “I really appreciate your support”.

Make sure you go and check out Thrice’s latest work, quiet as kept. For more on Thrice, check out his Soundcloud, keep up with him on Twitter and Instagram. Once you get hooked, you’ll never want to miss a beat.


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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all