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10 - 27 - 2016

News | Throwback Thursday


1995: LADY

Here at CAQ we are big lovers of old school and neo-soul music.

Today we are throwing it back to Grammy nominated artist D’Angelo with his 1995 hit “Lady” which is a timeless record that he co-wrote and produced.

“Lady” was the third single from his debut studio album “Brown Sugar,” which is his most credible work to date.

“Lady” is his biggest single to date in the US, peaking at number 10 on the 1996 Billboard Hot 100 list.

The record is certified gold and was nominated for a Grammy award for Best Male R&B Performance in 1996.

The music video seen above was directed by renowned director Hype Williams.

The popular 90’s song fits well in today’s setting, especially for the Fall/Winter season. “Lady” can make it’s way into any groovy playlist.

Especially for the younger generation to be put on to honest and raw R&B music from 21 years ago.


In the video seen above, it is evident that the 90s we’re a much simpler time compared to now. If you go to a party today, you see most standing around or looking down at their phones.

In the video “Lady” everyone is carelessly jamming and having fun. The women or “ladies” might I add, are natural and simple in appearance.

Hopefully, someone gets inspired by today’s throwback jam. A nice refreshing listen that adorns women.

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