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09 - 08 - 2016

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Today, we throw back to 2009 with the Detroit bred R&B singer/songwriter Brandon Hines.

Throwback Thursday celebrates the slept-on hit “Take My Time.”

The record was immaculately ripped by Brandon Hines vocally and his brother Chris Hines on production.

The hunger on this track shows where they were at musically in 2009. They had something to prove.

“Take My Time” is track 1 from Chris Hines’ debut album “Chris Hines present “Master Mind.”

This record includes features from the likes of Profit, Anhayla, B.Hines and is solely produced by Chris.

Sonically, the tones are riveting yet sultry, backed with what sounds like an electric guitar.

This song easily belongs on BET Uncut, Music Choice and Satellite Radio.

I don’t say mainstream radio because they really don’t play artists with real talent anymore and that’s simply what the Hines brothers possess.

“Take My Time” is a timeless record and still sounds amazing almost 8 years later. Press Play on the video above, let it take you away.


Chris Hines presents “Master Mind” is only available for streaming on MySpace. (2009 Gem)


Brandon Hines for Epic Records (2012)

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