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08 - 26 - 2016

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Wrapping up the fourth element of her “Winter’s Diary” project, Chicago artist Tink releases “Winter’s Diary 4”. In July, Tink releases the cover art of the project. However, we were all surprised as she creeped the release at the wake of Thursday morning.

Tink’s name has been perusing around since her first label single “Rachet Commandments”. For those who are unfamiliar, Tink is a young and thriving singer hailing from Chicago. In high school, she managed to drop five mixtapes. You heard me right. She’s hardworking and always up for the challenge. Singing isn’t the only gift Tink has to offer. She doesn’t mind laying out some bars too. She has gotten credit from producer Timberland and co-signed her, with plans on releasing her debut album soon. While that’s in the works, Tink hasn’t let us down with the release of new content.

image Following up “Winter’s Diary 3”, “Winter’s Diary 4” holds 15 tracks, with only one feature from artist Lil Durk. Tink is known for being the center of attention on her projects, aside from the work of the producers. All-star producers, such as  C-Sick, Cookin Soul, and the very own Timberland, helped create a mixtape that will allow Tink to do her best.

This piece features a mixture of slow tempos and up beat tracks. Overall, “Winter’s Diary 4” themes ups and downs in relationships, and the single life. It speaks for any woman that may be questioning where they stand with someone, and think about their own happiness before they go into a tainted courtship.

Rumors have been looming about the release of her debut album. With only four more months left in the year, we hope that it’s nearing its final stages and ready for us to hear.

Make sure you don’t miss out on what’s to come from our Chicago songstress. Check out her Soundcloud, and follow her Twitter and Instagram.

Don’t for get to give a listen to “Winter’s Diary 4”.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all