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04 - 26 - 2018

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Tommy Down is on the get down with his new track Superficial.

Tommy’s voice sounds bouncily ambivalent as he sings of the perils and delights of superficiality and ‘coolness’. The track has a 70s vibe in the jazzy sound of Tommy’s voice mixed with a groovy electric guitar. Additionally, Superficial is one of those tracks that lyrically paints a visual image. It’s not hard to imagine these brief narcissistic encounters Down sings of: a girl taking a selfie with him, taking a number of someone he doesn’t know, etc., and the whole while the mantra “superficial, superficial” ringing in the background. The message of the song is one we can’t escape in our social media-obsessed society. Down speaks of doing things and acting certain ways just to appear ‘cool’. At the same time, ‘cool’ becomes more and more synonymous with narcissistic. Down even sings of going to a club and hating everything about it, well everything but the appearance of it all.

Tommy Down is a from the United Kingdom and based in Bristol. He is known as the frontman to the alternative rock band, Harker Moon, which he started with his friends from University. However, Superficial is more of a solo project for Down, and it certainly brings a funkier vibe than the more alternative style of Harker Moon. Superficial was produced by Rhys Lewis, a new producer at Decca Records. Though this is some of Down’s first solo work, it’s not his first musical accomplishment. He recently won the award for ‘Best Original Composition in the UK Open Mic Competition. He is also a vocalist in the Bristol University  Jazz Orchestra. That may be where he gets his jazzy vibe from, which shines through in Superficial. Down has produced a vibrant and catchy new track, melding 70s sounds with a modern day message.

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