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10 - 13 - 2016

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Music Producer, TroyBoi, is on the move! Luckily, CAQ Records was able to snatch an exclusive with TroyBoi while on the road for his 2016 “The Mantra tour”. This humble artist lets us in on who TroyBoi is as a musician.

TroyBoi was thrilled to share how blessed and unreal “The Mantra Tour” has been for him. The crowds have been exploding with energy and the fans are beyond supportive of his new music. TroyBoi gives a shout out to Denver and its enormous fan base that turned the stage into a party with him!

This music producer is more than a guy that spins records. TroyBoi is a visionary, a performer, and a dreamer. “Wallz” is one of his most popular singles that reflects his natural and clever talent to create the unthinkable. TroyBoi put a dark and crazy spin on the legendary Michael Jackson hit, “Off The Wall”. MJ has been a major influence in TroyBoi’s passion and style of music. He even revealed that he has two tattoos contributed to Michael Jackson!

Aside from his admirable love for the king of pop, TroyBoi is a “regular guy from London”. He first dipped into music when he was about 13 years old. For years, he created his own sound just for the love and fun of it. It wasn’t until he met an angel himself that wanted to take TroyBoi’s music to the next level. TroyBoi decided to quit his real-estate job and invest the next two years of his life to producing his own music and getting it out to the world. April 2015 is when the official TroyBoi entered the music competition. With an unbelievably rapid growth, TroyBoi now has an excited fan base that is demanding more and more from him as each single drops.


There are many aspiring and emerging musicians all over the world that are working so hard to get where TroyBoi is now. What better advice is there for these striving artists other than advice from TroyBoi himself? TroyBoi explains the three crucial qualities to have in order to stay focused on the road of success. These three qualities include being humble, staying true to who you are by doing you, and spreading the love to as many people as you can.

As soon as TroyBoi gets back from “The Mantra Tour”, he will be right back in the studio recording his first full album that will be released in 2017! Stay tuned for many more surprises to come!


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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all