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09 - 15 - 2016

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Rapper Turls revealed a new track entitled “I’m Outstanding, Stop Complaining” on Soundcloud a few days ago. The Atlanta native first showed up on our radar in spring 2015 with his song “My Plug.” The song tells a tale of robbing his drug connect. Recently the young rapper showed his ability to switch it up on his latest EP Young T – moving from the mellow vibe that you get in his “My Plug” to a self-produced set of beats that gives you a darker feel – while still putting emphasis on his lyricism and his ability to write casually mesmerizing hooks and verses.

The intro to “I’m Oustanding, Stop Complaining” has to be my favorite part of the song as a whole. Turls comes in HARD letting you know his intentions to blow your mind with this track. I’m not just speaking about the lyricism either, the beat on this portion is simply intoxicating, giving so many old school / trap vibes. Then there is this like this switch up in the beat that gives this like crazy arcade game feel it changes the whole dynamic of the entire track. This song continues the progression that can be found all across Young T featuring some of Turls sharpest rapping to date. The song is produced by Eyedress, who takes the 8-bit boom bap and abrupt beat changes and blends it with the dark feels that you get from the whole EP Young T.

Turls tells of a project that “didn’t really work out because [they] (him and Eyedress) were both working on their own solo projects” this past year. Overall there is a unique flow to the album altogether. The beginning is full of “braggadocious” rapping then turns around and makes a 360 on the second half slightly rebelling against the first few tracks on the EP.

Turls and his latest project Young T the EP featuring newest single “I’m Outstanding, Stop Complaining” are truly worth a listen.


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