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08 - 23 - 2017

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A few weeks ago I had a chance to sit down with MYNDS of Versus Records and Verge about their latest project:

Can you tell us what you do? What is Versus Records, Who is Versus Records?

MYNDS:  Versus records is a collective that involves a lot of people but mainly consists of me MYNDS, another producer Big O, our engineer Kanard Brooks and two artists we work with closely Jawaan and Johnny Nobls, who is also featured on the project who sadly couldn’t be here today. We came together and joined forces with verge and came up with this project.

So I know you guys just released a project. What was the name of it?

V: Close MYNDED Live from the Aquarium Presents: MYNDS & VERGE featuring MrNobls

How did you guys come up with the flow of the project, the project in general, how did you come to making this project?

M: Well it all started with an idea that I had. I had just been making music for people in my collective. And I was just like I want to do something where it is featuring just one artist and my beats. So it would be a collaboration with an artist and my beats. And I was listening to Verge’s music so I hit him up because I was ready to make music. So one day he came through and we made it happen. It was like the first song, Casanova done, Sunshine did it, and we kept going from there.

So Casanova, how did you get the inspiration?

M: You came up with that name

V: Well I was talking about how I was living downtown at the time and I was talking about my experiences with females. And you know, Casanova is a womanizer and using it in that context that’s how I came up with it.

I know NOBLS was a part of it too, how did that happen?

M: Like I said it was a collaboration project, and one-day Kanard was playing him the stuff and he loved it and ending up writing to it and so we just kept it.

Close MYNDED released and brought some serious chill vibes with out of this world beats and some mellow verses to accompany it. You can check it out on Itunes and Apple Music.

You can also follow @_MYNDS and @V.erge on Instagram for more updates on their music releases. Stay tuned for more from this dynamic pair, and the whole Versus Records collective, you won’t want to miss it.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all