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06 - 24 - 2016

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To say that Alex G makes YouTube videos for a living is a vast understatement. Alex G makes art, and her latest upload is testament to that statement.

The new song, “Lighthouse,” shows not only Alex’s talent as a vocalist, but also her unique vision as a music producer.

According to the video’s description, Alex found inspiration in the work of Danielle Bennett, a spoken word poet who she ultimately asked to perform the song with her as a duet.


Alex sings and plays guitar, while Danielle intermittently recites words of prose.

As Danielle speaks, Alex continues to play and hum in time. At no point is it clear when the song ends and the poem begins. The two women compliment one another so perfectly.



The delicate sincerity of Alex’s soprano voice speaks volumes, matching the power of Danielle’s impassioned words.

Alex made the decision to quite literally set poetry to music, and the end result is a beautiful, heartfelt piece.

Featured as part of Alex’s “Dining Room Sessions” series, the video itself takes place in a simple setting and was recorded live. This does not make for the most compelling visual. But it does force listeners to really focus on what’s being said and how it’s being delivered.

It’s all about the music, which works in the song’s favor.

Though the track runs nearly ten minutes long, it never comes across as too lengthy. Alex G and Danielle Bennett tell a story worth listening to in its entirety.

The one glaringly obvious downside of this song is its lack of belonging in the realm of mainstream music.

However, Alex established herself as a cover artist long before this video came about. Some of her most popular uploads are incredible covers of chart topping music.

She’s already proven her proficiency in regards to what’s popular.

With songs like “Lighthouse,” Alex G shows her unique strengths as an individual artist.


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