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09 - 30 - 2016

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Bay Area artist Caleborate has blessed us with his new video “Consequences”.

Caleb Parker started off as a young kid from South Sacramento, California. From his teenage years on, Caleborate knew music was his calling. He released his first album 1993, which has been the topic of discussion since it came out.

With only one album, Caleborate is making good progress. The 14 track album hosts great production from producers such as Julia Lewis, Kyle Petty, and many more.

Consequences is another dope track off of 1993 produced by Julia Lewis. This song talks about his up bringing, his success, and what he wants in the future. While on tour with P-Lo, him and his friends wanted to make the most out of their time on tour and in LA. Caleborate used the resources he had to find props for the video, wrote it out, and filmed it right after. Some videos take weeks to finish filming, but with the energy he and his crew had, they finished everything in one day. It was sunny, filled with great bass, saturated lighting, and fun vibes. From start to finish, you get a sense of the lifestyle Caleborate lives and how much he enjoys it. The video is dope and entertaining, to say the very least.

img_6305In the visual, Caleborate wants to live a lifestyle where he wants to “chill, smoke, drink, and be cool”; every rappers dream. The artist acts out majority of the lyrics in the song, where he gets money rained on him and says “I’m getting money nowadays”. Caleborate is proof that you don’t have to let your upbringing hold you back from what you want to do.

If you aren’t hip already, make sure you check out Caleborate’s past work too. 1993 was a hit for the West Coast world of hip-hop, and all coasts should experience the hype.

Keep up with the lates from Caleborate on his social media, and be sure to watch “Consequences” above.

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