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09 - 15 - 2016

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Emerging from the depths of Toronto, this Colombian Queen defines what being a true artist means. Jessie Reyez has revealed her first official music video “Figures” as a taste before her official EP drops. This song is a diary of her heart as the lyrics speak nothing less than her truth.

“Figures” is an intense and sultry love experience written by Jessie Reyez herself and produced by Priest and The Beast.


Jessie Reyez’s vision for this track was to create a song that was raw and honest, which is exactly what her lyricism and video production delivers. The honesty in this song makes it personal to every girl that has been “sick” for someones love.

“Figures” is the story of a girl that is struggling to deal with her one-sided relationship. She expresses the pain swallowed after giving her all into a relationship and getting nothing in return. Her man is consistently hurting her by playing emotional games. He repeatedly disrespects her because he figures she will never leave. Unfortunately, the love she has for him makes it impossible to leave.

Jessie Reyez stresses “I wish I could do exactly what you did. I wish I could hurt you back. What would you do, if you couldn’t get me back”. Listeners can feel her broken heart through the sound of her voice. The simplicity of her music video gives you no choice but to focus in on her emotional outrage, sending chills up your spine. Man or woman, everyone will be able to relate to Jessie Reyez’s love battle.

It takes a true artist with courage to let the world into their heart with open arms and still stand stronger than ever. Jessie Reyez has achieved this with “Figures”. She is the definition of a queen; strong, loving, and real.

Stay tuned for Jessie Reyez’s upcoming release of her official EP!

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