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06 - 15 - 2016

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New York City’s very own Latasha Alcindor aka L.A. is making her way to the top. The lyrical artist is becoming known for knowledge and stance on political and social injustice issues along side her passion with women of color. L.A. the unsigned hype artist has more things in store for everyone. And now, she presents to you “HeadRaps”.

In her element, the artist is here to claim her spot in the game. The female star releases her new video “HeadRaps”. Produced by kAui, the visual features the funky L.A. strolling through her Brooklyn neighborhood and doing what she does best: rapping. It’s a short video, but uses every second with lyrical scheme, attitude, urban wardrobe and a carefree Brooklyn girl to tell it all.

I think one of my favorite things about the video was the wardrobe and the overall feel. It’s needless to say that L.A. and her friends in the video look fly. In every scene, everyone was embodying the New York sense of fashion today.

The art content and theme of “HeadRaps” was great, and doesn’t fail to capture every moment of L.A. having fun. The carefree and fun attitude that L.A. portrays would make anyone watching the video know that she’s enjoying herself while she releases effortless bars.

I also noticed the words that would pop on the scene. Words like “REALIZE”, “MESSAGE”, and “POLITICS” are some of the many mind speaking words that is featured.  Without a doubt, L.A. is deep rooted in knowledge. Something everyone should pay attention to.

After hearing and watching “HeadRaps”, one thing came to mind: there is still room for female rappers in the industry. Artists like L.A. prove that a woman can have the same power and rhyme scheme as other male rappers in the industry.

This song is one of many to come from her recent project #LALYTES. Enjoy and see for yourself , with Tyrell “Ducky” Greene, L.A.’s “HeadRaps”.


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Crown All Queens

Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all