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09 - 19 - 2016

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Swedish Artist Busu releases newest single “116 RIP” with accompanying visuals this past week. He, along with his group Europagang, are actively putting their own Swedish touch on the European hip hop scene.

The new track has a hard beat that dances on the lines of acoustic and electric. When paired with his lyrics, the song has a bit of a solemn feel to it. “I missed it all, you’re better off without me” a reflection of a past relationship, and the effects it has had on him since. Even though he is doing his rap/singing thing it definitely brings a fresh spin to the American idea of hip hop. With his “116 RIP” track, Busu has found his musical “sweet spot,” finding the perfect combination of his signature approach to hip hop and just the right amount of anticipation for the forthcoming debut album.

Busu’s songs usually feature bright and colorful themes. Every single one of them challenges the western idea of what Hip Hop is. This allows him and his group to stand out from European rappers who make trap music and hip hop tracks fashioned after the mainstream music here in the states.


The European rapper’s newest single was produced by Haydn, this track proves their musical chemistry which challenges Busu as an artist while being able to showcase what he can do.

The visuals for the track allow for an extension of that solemn feel that you get from the audio for the track. Shot on a cloudy day in a damaged car the visuals definitely play on the feelings you get from listening to the track. Makes you want to pick up the phone and call your ex because you are missing it all too.

Make sure you check out Busu’s Latest Visuals for “116 RIP”.

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